About Us


Aster Gift was Aster International Inc. , which was founded in 1996 at the Cabridge in Boston. Now Aster International changed the business area to Family Business Consulting and Aster Gift takes the old business in 2019.

We hand-selected gift items from among the most original crafts people in the Unite States, continuing in the tradition of commissioning professionalized products from family oriented business.

It is this mutual desire to indivisualize gift-giving which bring each of us together this season. From the artist’s hands, to our select pages, then on your home or the hands of special people. You are living out an American tradition, Aster’s tradition.

In this spirit of American generocity, our items have raised gift-giving to an art form. So to those which discriminating and eceletic taste, to those who tradition but seek to find their own unique style.

We are proud that our gift items represents the very essense of American creativity and ingenuity. We have selected some of best products to Make your life more memorable and enjoyable.

Treasure the moments of life and enjoy life!


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